Eight years after the last competition of pseudo-Boolean solvers (PB16), there were requests to organize a new edition this year as a special event of the SAT conference. The goal is to assess the state of the art in the field of pseudo-Boolean solvers, in the same spirit as the previous competitions and evaluations.

All the details about this new edition are available on the competition web site:


Anybody interested in submitting solvers or benchmarks is invited to register now in order to get up to date information as soon as it becomes available.

You are obviously invited to submit solvers and/or benchmarks to the competition. The current deadline for submission is May 20th, 2024.

There are a few changes in comparison with the PB16 competition that are detailed on the web page. The three most important ones are:

  • New tracks for solvers generating certificates of unsatisfibility/optimality are opened. Certificates must be generated in the VeriPB format.

  • There are no more distinct categories for small and big integers. Solvers that cannot deal with large integers in an instance must detect this at parse time and report an ‘s UNSUPPORTED’ answer, which will be used to identify instances supported by all solvers and generate a separate ranking on these.

  • A warm up phase is organized in April/May before the actual competition. The goal is to test both solvers, the competition rules and the competition environment and make sure that the actual competition will run smoothly. Contestants are invited to submit their solver to the warm up as soon as they are ready.

Results of the competition will be announced during the SAT conference. Besides, the Pragmatics of SAT workshop has a special “competition” track.