The Department of Computer Science at Lund University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professorship in the foundations of computer science with a focus on logic and automated reasoning.

The assistant professor will be working at the Department of Computer Science, where research into the foundations of computer science is conducted by professors Susanna de Rezende and Jakob Nordstrom. Jakob Nordstrom leads the research group Mathematical Insights into Algorithms for Optimization, which is also active at the University of Copenhagen. The research has a unique profile in that it spans a wide range of questions from the theoretical, mathematical foundations of efficient computation all the way to state-of-the-art practical algorithms for real-world problems. This creates a very special environment, where the research projects do not only go deep into different theoretical and applied topics, but where different lines of research cross-fertilise each other and unexpected and exciting synergies often arise.

This position focuses on algorithms for foundational problems within logic, automated reasoning, and combinatorial optimization. This includes design and implementation of algorithms for computational problems within Boolean satisfiability (SAT) solving, constraint programming, mixed integer linear programming, and/or satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) solving. In addition to algorithm construction, another topic of interest is to develop a scientific understanding of the practical performance of automated reasoning algorithms, and to investigate relations between empirical observations and theoretical results in algorithm analysis and computational complexity theory. Yet another related area concerns methods of ensuring that algorithms compute provably correct results, which can be used to develop trustworthy solvers for automated reasoning and combinatorial optimization.

The application deadline is January 26, 2024. Informal enquiries are welcome and may be sent to`.

Jakob Nordström, Professor
University of Copenhagen and Lund University
Phone: +46 70 742 21 98