We would like to invite and encourage submissions of benchmarks and benchmark generators for SAT Competition 2016. Visit the competition homepage for details.

Please submit benchmarks via email to organizers@satcompetition.org, either via a link in the email or as an attachment (if not too large). Benchmark files or generators should be zipped and a short description of the family should be included. In particular we want benchmarks in the following categories:

  • Software verification
  • Hardware verification
  • Artificial intelligence applications (planning, scheduling, …)
  • Obstruction (small hard crafted problems)
  • Combinatorial challenges
  • Theorem proving

We plan to have the a main track for each of the above categories given that there are enough benchmarks per category. We are open to adding a category or two if we receive many benchmarks from an interesting new category.

In recent years, many dozens of solvers have been submitted, but relatively few benchmarks. Receiving lots of new benchmarks is crucial to the success of SAT Competition 2016!

If you would like SAT solvers to perform better on your favorite application, don’t hesitate and submit many benchmarks for that application. SAT solver developers tend to optimize their solvers for benchmarks used in the competition. Hence, by submitting benchmarks, you give an incentive to developers to optimize their solvers for your favorite application(s).

SAT Competition 2016 will have an Incremental Track again. Benchmark submissions for this track will be highly appreciated since our current collection is rather small. More information about the Incremental Track and how to create benchmark applications is available here: http://baldur.iti.kit.edu/sat-competition-2016/index.php?cat=incremental

Please encourage everyone with new benchmarks to submit them to the competition.

Best regards,

SAT Competition 2016 Organizers